How can I book a tour?

Whenever you see the words 'Stream Now' on any video trailer, click it, and you'll be able to create an account and view your tour.

What is the cost?

DBL TV™ is an educational resource. You're contributions for these Biblical tours cover the ever increasing operational and production costs. We are a worldwide team of brothers and sisters, your fellow worshipers. Please enjoy our labour of love. (Philippians 4:5; James 3:17) 

How do I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card (through our Stripe payment service) or through Paypal.

Can I purchase the tour as a gift or purchase a gift card?

Yes. Click HERE.

Cancellation Policy


How many participants?

These pay-per-view tours are to be enjoyed privately at home. The flat fee covers everyone in your household.

Do you provide large group conference call tours?

No. We decided not to pursue this offering as explained in our Why Pay Per View? video. Please encourage all your friends and family in your large group to stream our tours privately.

How long do I have access to my tour?

72 hours.

Where do I get the latest information?

Register to our mailing list so we can notify you when new tours are released.

What can you expect?

You will never read your Bible the same way. Wait and see!